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After purposefully shedding over 50 pounds, Keto Health Coach Lexi has a proven system to get you to the next level in your transformation. Keto Remastered is curated to allow you to live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying diet-free decadent meals while successfully shedding unwanted pounds. With a foundation in social work and education, Lexi has an unwavering passion for helping and sharing with others 


Do your body a favor and Lean in with Lexi.

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Fresh Green Dip

Affirmations are the mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts needed to cancel the negative events and thoughts of the day


Doing the keto challenge opened up things that I had long believed was close to impossible. For so many years being on the roller coaster of losing and gaining weight. In 2020,  I had managed to gain 40 pounds and I was so miserable. I couldn’t fit any of my clothes, and I was starting get tired from doing simple things. I was approached to do the 21 day keto challenge, in back of my mind I was hesitant because I never stick to anything. Well the first couple of days were a challenging, especially since I’m a bread and sweets girl, but the coaching I received along way helped me push forward. The days started to get easier, the “keto flu” wasn’t so bad, I started to gain more energy, and the cravings started to claim down. I will tell I was shock the amount weight I was able to lose in those 3 weeks. I was able to lose almost 20lbs with following the plan, picking up my physical activity, and staying dedicated. My goal is to keep going to see what else I can lose along the way.

C. Sanders
“Keto Diamond in the Ruff”

Keto Remastered Client

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